Starue secret in Noodletopia Hangout

This game is not a big game on Roblox but a lot of people play it. There are some secrets on this map. If you head on over to the beach and go under the dock there is a Starue stuck to one of the poles. Starue is a Pokemon for those of you who don’t know what it is.

star u


Easter Eggs in Jailbreak

So if you look around the Jailbreak map you can find some special stuff. There are hidden Easter eggs. The flower is the Plants VS Zombies flower and you can look around the train tracks to find it. The sand castle is just a normal sand caste you can find it in the dunes. The little guy is from Dumb Ways To Die, He can be found standing by a tree a little bit away from the prison.


sndy castle

dumb die

Glitch for Assassin

As you know the game Assassin is a pretty popular game on Roblox, but what you didn’t know was you can actually hit people through walls. If someone is right up against a wall and you are on the other side of it you could go up to the wall and hit them through the wall. this is a good trick to have so you can get an advantage, also this only works on thinner walls.



How to escape cops easily when leaving the jewelry store in Jailbreak.

When you leave the jewelry store at the top the cops could be standing right at the door waiting to arrest you. So a way to complete the robbery but still have the chance to get arrested is to jump off and ride your parachute all the way to the criminal base, and get in the car and just drive for your life.

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